Majorie Taylor Greene displays more memory loss, this time about her love for Qanon

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Apparently she suffers from (enjoys?) CRS. Can’t Remember Shit.



She’s gaslighting. She knows she said it, she knows there’s ample proof she said it, but she insists she didn’t say it because lololol fuck you, r u triggered, lib?

In other words, if Trump doesn’t run, she will.


It’s possible that she is deliberately lying about what she said in the past in order to make herself seem less crazy in the present.

Yep, it’s totally a Trump move - if asked about what they said, lie about it in one context, feign outrage and attack the press for being “dishonest” (for telling the truth), then immediately turn around and say more of that stuff in another context. Tucker Carlson does it all the time these days, too.


What’s so hard about playing audio of her Q statements through a magaphone (see what I did there?) at one of her public events? And getting video of that. Not that it would do any good, but perhaps a well deserved fuck you right to her face? Don’t we need that right now? You know, as a nation.


Clearly the Deep State has wiped this poor woman’s memory clean. /s


The history of conservative thought in the USA since at least the early 90’s is “say whatever helps our cause even if it’s a lie, because anyone to left of center is the real evil.” One could even say this is the reality of conservative thought since Watergate: the American left represents a bigger threat than any foreign power.

[ETA: elect self-serving, deliberately dishonest politicians, and get exactly that kind of governance.]


It’s possible that she is deliberately lying about what she said in the past in order to make herself seem less crazy in the present. But it’s also possible that she genuinely doesn’t remember what she said in the past.

Yah. Her reply indicates that she knows what “QAnon” is. She’s constantly talking about the opposing side being associated with Satanism/Communism/pedophilia, sometimes mentioning Q, sometimes not. There’s no way she’d just forget that Q backs up her worldview and forget she advocated support for it.

Will she also backpeddle on her associating Satanism/Communism/pedophilia with the “Democrat” party? Almost certainly not. (For that matter, will she ever be an adult and call it the “Democratic” party?)


Again, my take as a linguistics guy: Republicans Murder Language.

Words cease to have durable meaning, and that side just beams with Smirk when our side tries to hold them to any kind of account for their utterances.


Was that trial a memory test OR something based on indisputable statements made by MTG ?

Mr. Manson, do you remember your peeps slaughtering those folks?
No I don’t.
Well ok then, you’re all free to go.

Her testimony alone showed she was fucking around with the Court, grinning and obviously lying.


At what point does “I can’t remember anything I’ve ever done or said, even in the face of audio/video evidence that I did or said it” invite any sort of legal repercussions?


it’s either a symptom of late-stage MAGA, or acute MAGA. either way, the prospects are not good.


It’s also possible she was born that way.
Both are doubtful.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Who cares. That ship done sailed.

Videos are the cause of her spewings; she needs an audience as badly as You Know Who does.

I doubt she actually cares. She certainly doesn’t seem to have the brains to keep up with all her lies.

Rumor has it that You Know Who is in need of a new Running Mate if/when he decides to run…*; and she is braying as loud as she can in order to get his attention.

*I think YKW will suck up those campaign contributions as long as possible, then decline to run because of ‘health issues’; then he will think of another scam to keep the bucks rolling in.


I’ve wondered that at least since the iran-contra hearings, and haven’t believed anything rethugs say since watching the watergate hearings when I was little.

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The newest breed in the GOP (rhymes with mop) simply has no shame. They don’t care that they are all lying all the time and inconsistent with those lies because that in itself “triggers” the libs. And their followers love them for it. They think that the ONLY thing that matters is winning, and that telling the truth, or even a sticking to a consistent story is a sucker’s game.


Hell, I wouldn’t invite her to a party, either.

WTF is up with her hair? Are those twigs?
Was that some sort of style, or what?
I’m an old fart & don’t keep up with whatever’s supposed to be fashionable…

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That picture is decades old, and yes, you’re looking at the worst “mall hair” you’ve ever seen.


Well, I’m decades older than that picture.

Had to consult the UD on that one. Seems about right.
Still can’t figure the twigs, though.

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