Ed Norton finally breaks cover in Motherless Brooklyn

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Did he settle the wrongful death suit?


he’s also in the newest season of Story Bots.


For years, it was just about impossible to see a film that Ed Norton didn’t have something to do with. Then, just like Kaiser Soze, poof, he was gone

Yeah, but he was gone for simply the fickle fashion of Hollywood. Not like how Kaiser Soze, or at least the actor who portrayed him, is gone.


And it only took him 20 years!

Its in motion practice with a reasonable chance of getting dismissed.

The “Fireman’s Rule” in New York states, “…firefighters may not recover in common-law negligence for line-of-duty injuries resulting from risks associated with the particular dangers inherent in that type of employment.”


Ed Norton back in Brooklyn? Bensonhurst, perhaps?


Working for the Sewer Department?


Oooh, I really liked the book. This could be a great adaptation.

It also has the best scene of our protagonist, with Tourette’s, trying to tell a joke about an octopus and a bagpipe. I think both my wife and I may have peed ourselves with laughter.

In my head, though, the book was set in the 80s or 90s. Maybe I’m completely misremembering, or maybe they just wanted to do more of a gangster flick.

Edit: No, I was right. He transposes it to the 50s. I think that’s really too bad. It makes it look like a generic mob movie. And how many movies made today get to be set in the 90s, of all times? It could have been great… Oh well, I’m sure this will still be very good.


“will wrote, directed and is staring in Motherless Brooklyn”

Hope he’ll do more than just staring. :slight_smile:


And don’t sleep on Michael K. Williams.

Loved the book, great cast. Wonder what the behind-the-scenes drama looked like, considering some of the reputations involved…


I like that he’s not subject to the passage of time in the way I am. Past and future are malleable to Ed Norton.

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This is a very different story than the book. No signs of the Zendo, of Gerard/Roshi, of the giant, etc. This is something else.

So, average movie adaptation.

If they didn’t keep the quirkiness of the book, it isn’t the same story.

It feels like that’s exactly what they kept, and wrapped it around a different detective story in, I feel, a different decade. Which is cool! But different.

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