Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg look at the work of cartoonist Dave Cooper

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Cooper’s later Weasel cover art have the sardonic manner and look of the best Zagreb Studio cartoonists.


Ever since the news about John K. as an abuser came out, justified or not, art in that style makes me wonder about the artist - even though I love it. If you look at the stuff on the website, the way women are depicted has a sort of self-loathing for desire / adoration of women’s bodies mix. Which, before I just chalked up to radical honesty and artistic expression. But now I always worry it bleeds over into the way the artists treat actual women.

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I’ve been a long time lurker here, but signed up to respond to your comment.

Dave is a good friend, and his treatment of women is exemplary. The work is challenging for a lot of reasons, but fortunately that isn’t one of them.

That is good to hear! I don’t mean to disparage somebody I don’t know, and I do love the art. I think I am more on guard now these days about my unquestioning fandom of things and people I like.

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