Edgar Allan Poe's interior design proscriptions


Quite so, Mr Poe. Quite so.

Nothing about a bust of Pallas?

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Nah, those things just attract unwanted birds.

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That line about Dutch curtains is worth the price of admission by itself.

Because when I think “domestic harmony,” I think Poe.

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Yeah, well, I bet your carpets are terrible.

Anything to help dampen the sound coming from the floorboards.


I live in an apartment, the carpets are featureless gray from wall to wall. The furnishings and wall decorations are quite well executed, however, thankyouverymuch :smile:

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And there, through the crimson-tinted panes dusted with new fallen snow, awaits death, paneled in cashmere, rich with gold thread, adorned with fluffy bunny ears, calling to me, “Edgar… Edgar… this room… atrocious…”

My sanity has left me. My dearest, plant me in the garden.

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