Edgar Allan Poe bronze coming to Boston




That is most excellent.




I absolutely adore it, but I am worried that the hairstyle may lead some viewing it to believe that it is Albert Einstein. I hope someone releases miniature reproductions as I would love to have one as an accent to one of my book shelves.


Boston? BOSTON??? What, did they find a house Poe visited once? Why isn’t this where it belongs - in Baltimore? I don’t seem to recall Boston naming their football team the goddam Ravens!

Pfft. Boston.


Actually, we had the house Poe was born in, which we knocked down in the 1960’s because fuck Poe anyway. We needed the room for another frog pond. Smug drunkard. We had a few other things lying around we could name a football team after, like, oh, STARTING THE MOTHERFUCKING REVOLUTION U! S! A! U! S! A!

All Baltimore had is, what, getting shelled by the Brits in a war no one remembers? Yeah. Try naming a football team after that. So, you can cling to your sad little morbid man. You’re welcome.

(Oh, and while we’re at it, Philly, you’re totally welcome for us sending you that perv Franklin.)


New York can beat that. . . the house where Poe lived for while in NYC was knocked down to make dorms for NYU.


Well, I suppose Boston is o.k., but I’d like to see it on Benefit Street in Providence. He used to frequent a pretty amazing library there called the Athenaeum, where I took these shots. Note the bust of H.P. Lovecraft on the left!


Poe? That’s not Poe, it’s obviously Vonnegut!


A pic of Mary Kay Weide’s bust of Vonnegut, from http://www.ibiblio.org/brian/vonnegut/sculpt.html, installed at Shortridge High School:


Ugh. Yet another statue for the jingle man.


Another person who can’t mention Boston without mentioning fucking sports. Awesome. I really need to move to another city.


Looks like a shoe saleman with sample case & Dale Carnegie grin. Would prefer a statue of drunken Poe laying face down in the gutter to die after being dragged to multiple polling places on election day. Maybe that’s for Baltimore


Poe was born in Boston. I know, it’s hard to believe. He basically redefined himself as a Southern gentleman by choice, choosing to live in places like Richmond and Baltimore. But by birth he was a Yankee.


It’s OK. We still have him, and he ain’t going anywhere.


Quoth the pigeons, let’s shit some more…


Yeah, that was my first thought, too: wonder how it’ll look streaked in white after pigeons shit on it for fifty years.


Yes, but what did he accomplish in Boston? Learn to walk? I understand he didn’t personally start the Revolution.


I have a statue of Poe entombed behind a brick wall. At least I think it is a statue.


It’s a nice statue, it honors a man worth honoring, I don’t overmuch care what city it’s placed in. (Though I don’t object to it being easier to visit in person than it would have been in Baltimore.)