"Edge AI": encapsulating machine learning classifiers in lightweight, energy-efficient, airgapped chips

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Off topic, but I wish LEGO would release the dumpster fire as a complete set.

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If there’s one thing the average American needs; it’s something else that keeps them on the couch.


This airgapped voice recognition combined with some robotics and vision will take us away from always being on our devices. Give it a tablet and that’s connected to the internet and tell it what you want then it searches the internet, The idea is that the AI is not directly connected to the internet, it just knows how to use a tablet (or old phone) to get things off the internet and communicate to you. No more going on to social media for a post/message/meme and staying for hours, Just get the AI to push the post to a TV and ONLY the post and not get sucked into the other things when you don’t see them.

I don’t know what is going on with the reflection of the Lego dumpster in that 'shoop but it makes ZERO sense.

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Once we have cheap kitchen timers and bedroom alarm-clocks that activate by voice command (faster, since it doesn’t need to check with the cloud), the biggest use of Siri/Alexa/OKGoogle will be gone.

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