2019 was the year of voice assistant privacy dumpster fires

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I’m hoping the raspberry pi community develops a version that has voice recognition, not connected to the internet but can use an old tablet to look things up and tell you the answers.

What? The tablet happens to have the entire internet downloaded onto it? Side note: I agree with your sentiment, of course.

[insert gif here of Sarah Connor blowing away every machine ever made]

The best place to put a smart speaker in your home is in the trash bin outside. Preferably someone elses. Or, you could give it to the South Park kids.

No, tablet can access the internet and the pi can read the results. Pi can’t directly access the internet, a pi with voice recognition, and read/write into google.

I’d like to disagree with the Chinese-wall thing where a RasPi needs a tablet to get internet access for all the reasons. The pi can stand alone and make excuses for its M.2 socket being populated with general problems and ergonomic access. Totes want tablets to get shiny new firmware for their careworn screens (and up to 7 mics. I should have such interesting conversations, it can darn well fill in) that reflect some sensibility. Not as hard as recycling flatscreens, by Linux scale measures to get it to automagically upconvert questions to something with an awesome answer, or an answer that doesn’t beg RAND Institute reports for better understanding so much as free (on purpose, or maybe sponsored) released data; bike-mechanic literate, and/or a film impression flavored answer. More Brunel. More boom. An MS in Library Science (MLS? Sorry,) split funny.

Those office noise screening things made out of mic. and speaker networks designed to make sound detract less from what’s going on could use a local brew, just like hydraulic hammers could benefit from a musical sensibility. [Cut to: The Rushing/Dragging scene from Whiplash, but the kid’s on a 12M digger with hydraulic hammers, in fill illustrations spinning 2 sticks on each hammer so not to kill himself with RSI…er, maintenance. The drum set is ruddy opal conglomerate faces.]

Something with sensibility as to what I want played; it could play Escaflowne (it said Escaflowne! W00T!) but until it rattles off 5 KICA numbers and some Son May it’s wrong three ways. It needs to have worked in a thing that is a Music Library and a Record Store and an Audition Scheduler and know where it’s going between them. As such it needs an agenda of cover interests for different clients.

Wait, did you mean attached to the bin for some purpose (constantly 3D printing patches and luer rats and whistling or picking fights with loose animals! Administering TMS at an accessible clinical location. Reading to Republicans who never had the opportunities or just never learned to breathe right or what discourse is, but are open to hearing back-masked AOC speeches.)

Or, you could take the sort-your-trash thing to a fault and insist that the bin and Sen. G4m, before they throw things in, develop some CO2-loop chromatography so that each molecule is in the right place with like ones in the bin. He never breathed oxygen anyway, and cold work would do some good.

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