Educational spyware company to school boards: hire us to spy on your kids and we'll help you sabotage teachers' strikes

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An entire generation is being taught that stalker-like behaviour is normal for the authority figures in their lives.

I hope their generation does a better job of rebelling against the nonsense of the day than mine did.


They deleted the blog post, eh? Almost like they want to hide something horrible they’ve done. Is there a Gaggle for Gaggle?

It’s great that they tipped their hand though. Assuming something is done about it.


“Think about the recent teacher work stoppage in West Virginia. Could the story have been different if school leaders there requested search results for ‘health insurance’ or ‘strike’ months earlier? Occasional searches for ‘salary’ or ‘layoffs’ could stave off staff concerns that lead to adverse press for your school district.”

What would they do, preemptively fire those who searched?
It feels like it was deleted because it was completely bullshit.

I think they are not as passive as we imagine.
They are probably get aware of it as they grow, and see how gets caught by it.
But, since they are not a group that contribute much to the public discourse and have a more insular way of communicating with each other (both with different media and language used), we don’t get aware of what they perceive and do to fight back.
I would not be surprised if they don’t start a game to get false positives to troll the teachers and administrators.


I think I said this once before here but, high schoolers ought to be allowed to vote in school board elections


I think they are not as passive as we imagine.

Nope, as much as politicians in my neck of the woods would like to think otherwise.

I feel like I’ve been arguing against tech creep in education since going to an IBM demo in the late 80’s of their new ‘multimedia’ educational computer. I rather railed on them for wasting time and resources. So much tech strays so far from what millennia of pedagogy has learned.

I have a family member in school tech and she tells me there are already serious problems coming up with certain (foreign, for us) companies who refuse to comply with (what should be legally binding) requests to remove student information.

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