Edward Snowden action figure


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Dunno, it looks like its leaking.


Along with Clapper, I’d like to see Rep. Mike Rogers depicted for his on-going stream of “fuck you America you’re not the boss of me” lies on Sunday morning news shows. Has anything Rogers has said about the NSA and Snowden turned out to be true? There must be some truth in there that slipped in by accident.

After that we can do a two-faced Obama figurine. One side says “Hope and Change”, the other side says “You wish”.

Collect the whole set!


How can you tell when the Clapper action figure is lying? Same as with the real Clapper - when his lips move!


99 bucks? Sheesh.

More like the Shia LeBoeuf-playing-Snowden action figure.

I doubt that Snowden’s desktop is littered with crap from ill-mannered Windows software installers.

Optional is the collection of FOX commentators calling for his arrest. One body, interchangeable heads; and, of course, smooth underneath.

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Should’ve gotten Blitzway to do it. They did this excellent Tony Montana:

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Disclaimer: Edward Snowden and Freedom of the Press Foundation does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this site or our Edward Snowden figure.


part of the proceeds will be donated to the Freedom of the Press Foundation

I’d like to know how much, exactly. “Part of the proceeds” usually means “the minimum donation they accept.”


Browsing through their catalog. You’d think a company that specializes in making extremely expensive custom action figure heads would be able to produce better likenesses.

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They did hide a USB memory stick somewhere in there, didn’t they?

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That is one heck of a disclaimer.

So… they just made a doll using Snowden’s likeness and are selling it without his knowledge or permission but using the Freedom of the Press Foundation as a fig leaf to make it seem legit even though they probably have no idea that this is happening?

That’s how I read it. But maybe I’m just being cynical.


Just as with those people who got stopped by the TSA for carrying dolls with toy guns, a USB key which looks like a minature E. Snowden is going to be way too hard to get through the check points.

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Maybe they’ll make a supervillian action figure of James Clapper perjuring himself next.

They did!


They should have just used a Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter figure with a laptop replacing the wand.

Looks like someone added glasses and a laptop to a Kevin Federline doll.

I’m tempted to pick up Barack Obama and Gen. Keith Alexander action figures, so I can have them strangling the Edward Snowden figure. That’s how I like to express my political commentary: with toys.

They’ve got a whole line of dozens of “celebrity action figures”, so yeah, pretty much.

No, see, the makers anticipated that and made sure the figure looks nothing like Snowden.