Russian tabloid publishes picture said to be Edward Snowden shopping for groceries


Shopped. Everybody knows that Snowden’s roommate Bat-boy handles the groceries, and Snowden handles the tech support for Bat-boy and Elvis(Elvis has to take the trash out).


He must really love danger. It looks like he is crossing a highway with his shopping cart.

I’m not sure why this is news. Snowden was granted entrance to Russia awhile back, presumably he still needs to eat, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he shops for groceries.

I heard he still uses a toilet.


Looks like a good drone target… (No…maybe not. Don’t want to aggravate someone who can fight back. :slight_smile:

эксклюзив? Really? Not недоступ?

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In the voice of the BBC reporter, “How do you know he uses a toilet? Maybe he is pissing on the security of the world. Prove to me that he doesn’t urinate on safety”.


For those with rusty Cyrillic, эксклюзив directly transliterates to EKSKLYUZIV. Who knew Russian was so easy!

That’s not Snowden, it’s Edward Norton, who is slated to portray Snowden in the upcoming blockbuster movie.


Maybe it is. Maybe it’s not. Either way it’s not news.

Look at him - Snowden uses too many plastic bags. THAT is the real story here. What can we guess about the CHARACTER of a ‘man’ who uses that many bags?

This is the real story here, people. THINK.

I thought it looked like Ricky grabbing a cart for Bubbles.

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