Edward Snowden's memoir, "Permanent Record," will go on sale on Sept 17

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Blink twice if it’s really you Ed.


I’ll likely read this, too, if for no other reason than to get a peek into the mindset of an individual who’s not only supremely principled but also supremely competent (a very rare combination).


A true patriot


I like that Cory said he knows Snowden “slightly”. So many folks will say they know someone famous because they did a panel or were at the same 5k person wedding or some shit. It’s refreshing.


I was not as brave as Snowden. I avoided the government completely because I knew I’d be asked to do unethical things.

So I turned down a scholarship offer from the NSA (pre snowden) based on things I read in EFF’s filings in Jewel v NSA

While I respect Snowden, people who acted shocked, shocked by Snowden’s revalations annoy me. I’ve seen many ex-intel types who IMHO were purposefully ignorant in a way that let them get lucrative jobs.

I am not rich, but I am not poor.

[extremely Good Will Hunting Voice]

but at least I won’t be unoriginal

i feel like ed is more of a reddit guy. they seem to lead into psudoanonymity. here… i feel like on a long enough timeline people who know me irl will know who i am. which makes me sad because while i don’t aim to be a dick, i do think sometimes you need a space to say things you wouldn’t say irl… and if you avoid commenting on things you know a lot about because of worrying about being outed as gasp having conversations about politics on the internet… what good is free speech you can’t use? :frowning_face:


I wonder when, or if ever, the US will be safe for whistle-blowers again.


My library doesn’t have it available to pre hold. I wish I was better at ascertaining when things will go into the system- I usually end up showing up a week prior to release (iCal Max reminder time) and there’s 40 folks ahead of me.

I’m not complaining more just brainstorming. I took a job that pays less to avoid a clearance so I use my local library a lot for my entertainment :heart:

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The NSA’s own bastard operator from Hell, aka Edward Snowden, puts out memoir next month

Ex-NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden’s memoir, Permanent Record , is to be published on 17 September – Constitution Day in the US.
Nice touch.

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