Permanent Record: Edward Snowden and the making of a whistleblower

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I’m only 2/3 of the way through the book, but so far everything Cory says is spot on. This is an important book.


Ok, you convinced me, I want to buy it!

I’m based in the EU, what is my best option to make sure some money ends up with Snowden? If the lawsuit prevails, will they just claim all profits for the worldwide publication or only from his US publisher?

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I’m sure he got an advance; other than that, I’m guessing any sales monies will be held until further resolution. BUT, don’t let that stop you from reading this book asap!

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The official rage at Snowden makes sense, but I can’t figure out why a lot of people who ought to admire him call him a “traitor.” I guess Daniel Ellsberg evoked similar anger in his time, but people who remember him now see him as a hero. I certainly do.

I thought Oliver Stone’s movie about Snowden was very good, as was Laura Poitras’.

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It will depend on how Snowden sold the international rights to the book. If he just had MacMillan deal with it on his behalf and forward him the resulting royalties it will be pretty simple for the US to have MacMillan ordered to send those royalties to the government instead. If Snowden directly sold the rights to other publishers based in other countries the US government will have to try to collect a judgment in each jurisdiction, and that’s a royal pain that’s not guaranteed to succeed.

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Alright, I’ll just see what versions are available to me and see if there is a non-American publisher listed for any of them… Not holding my breath though :unamused:

“…he’ll come back to the US to stand trial if he can argue the ethics of his actions to a jury. Permanent Record makes it clear just how persuasive that argument would be”.

That assumes that the people in the jury are reasonable, and value (for example) improving the US government more highly than being blindly patriotic / showing deference/obedience to the US / cutting any corners necessary in the process of catching “terrorists” (e.g. Iraqi insurgents whose country the US wrecked for no real reason).

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but based on the most recent presidential election and on the large numbers of people who get all snowflakey whenever an athlete kneels during the anthem, a large fraction of the US population is made up of people whom Snowden would NOT want on that jury…


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