Snowden vindicated



When can we expect the apology by public representatives and statespeople who defamed Snowden for the past two years?


This covers only a small portion of what data Snowden stole and has released. Hardly vindication. He is undeniably a criminal who has sought succor from our “adversaries”.

Snowden has served his country more than you or I. He jumped on a hand grenade. America would be well served if Snowden was allowed back without the possibility arrest, indictment, or prosecution. A full pardon is in order to prevent this broken and corrupt government from harming a truly innocent man.


Get off the planet Weekly Standard much?


So when is the ticker-tape parade? Any day now, right guys?



it was the plain fact of that surveillance that was most important.

That’s in Rob’s introductory sentence, and I can’t parse it.

Right after Dick Cheney, James Clapper, and Michael Hayden are sent to prison.


I read it as “the indisputable fact that the surveillance existed was most important for the ruling” or similar.

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Awesome, can´t wait.

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If you think about that deeper then you may consider his civil duty to violate that “promise.” Have you noticed that nearly every agreement (e.g. EUALs) contains this disclaimer that is applicable as far as local law allows and if law is in contrary to agreement the law takes precedence over it?

I guess this is open to interpretation, but constitution is the “local law” and the “promise” is automatically overruled by it.

If you would follow any agreement that is against local law (and is disservice to society), you would probably get punished for such actions and “promise” would be no excuse in court. If you would fail to report such actions (without taking part in them, but having knowledge about them) - this would be also taken against you in court.

He fulfilled his civil duty, of reporting the misconduct, in the way that gave the biggest probability for the situation to be fixed.



Hmm. You mean two other countries on the UN permanent security council? Not really adversaries, more like angry siblings.


You fool! Have you forgotten the Cold War already? I assure you the Reds haven’t!


Try addressing my statement. If you have evidence that Snowden is not considered an admitted and wanted criminal then present it. Convince me that he’s not in Russia. Better yet, prove to me that he can’t leave Russia (for South America - there are direct flights from Russia) and WHY he can’t leave.

I happen to AGREE with the appeals court, that the NSA retention of phone megadata was/is not supported by the Patriot Act provisions. But again this is just a small bit of the information Snowden has (caused to be) released. To say that this court judgement regarding this small bit is a generic vindication of Snowden’s acts is not credible.

“The Weekly Standard”. You grieve me, greatly.

I meant “enemies”.

Hey, the UK and France are on that council too - are you saying they aren’t adversaries?

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But it is correct.

Several cases prior to this one had to be thrown out because in order to declare that this type of spying was illegal, there had to be admissible evidence that the government was in fact spying on its citizens. And every time attorneys tried to compel the government to disclose their spying operations, they would cite they didn’t have to because of national security.

The leaks provided the necessary evidence for this type of case to proceed.


China and Russia are enemies?

Oh, you are talking about succor in the context of the 1918 espionage act, and the enemies are anyone who the executive has a grudge against. You know, that legislation that isn’t totally paranoid, xenophobic, protectionist, and open ended.

And surely this is similar to the Rosenburgs who sold state secrets… Wait a second, it isn’t similar at all.

“Well, but he should have respected chain of command”.

The same chain that was abusing their privileges to skirt laws.

Look, I am gonna launch a Godwin Nuremberg Tactical missle on you about the responsibilities of rank and file. Wait, no I won’t since you already know what I am gonna say.


Of course we have evidence that he is “considered” to be a criminal and all that other stuff, because you’re saying it.


UK, no. France, they have delicious cheese, so that is a pass. The UK political party UKIP, absolutely.