Russia may turn Snowden over to U.S. as 'gift' to 'curry favor' with Trump (who wants to kill the NSA leaker)


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Well, if it were true I don’t think it’s the sort of thing Russia would go out of their way to give Snowden a heads up about beforehand.


Maybe he should try to make his way to London. I hear there’s a vacancy opening up there at the Ecuadoran embassy.


If people continue to confuse him with Assange, the Republicans will welcome him to the US as a hero.


Snowden served the country. He needs protection.


I suspect it’s all talk to try to head off some of the leaking that’s making the administration look like a sieve.

Doesn’t Snowden have insurance files out there on torrents and people who can drop the decryption keys? If not, why not?


Thought that was as assinger that had the ‘doomsday file’ torrent.


As though Russia needs to curry favor with Trump. He’s already their #1 fan.


Assange? He does; I keep a couple copies handy (online and offline). Snowden may want to do the same. From what I understand, only the surface of the documents have been scratched. He could release some really telling and damaging things things in an insurance file for this sort of BS.

Then again, he’s staying high-minded and probably doesn’t want to distribute something that could potentially yield to brute force or future decryption methods, because at heart he’s always been a patriot. I guess it could hurt his case if he hasn’t put one out already (publicly), but nonetheless, he has to remember who he’s dealing with here. I guess in theory the documents are already out there in reporters’ hands.


I do not put it past him to have a silent partner to open the proverbial vault if things go pear shapes.


The problem is that any such information released as a consequence is unlikely to be such a huge surprise. We already believe those who lord it over us are capable of absolutely anything.


Or he could take up residence in the Ecuadoran embassy in Moscow.


And would Trump care? He has already disavowed the entire US intelligence community.


I thought Snowden turned over everything to the various news organizations he worked with. He’s always insisted that him fleeing to an adversary of the US is of no consequence since they can’t obtain any info from him that hasn’t already been shared. Where have you heard that he kept anything for insurance purposes?


His hands are too small to hold a weapon, aren’t they?


He hasn’t unless it is Fox News. :slight_smile:


Ooooo. . . maybe Trump could strangle Snowden live as part of his State of the Union address. . . think of the ratings!

Then he could follow that with a good ol’ fashioned two-minute-hate, and maybe throw some Christians Muslims to the lions!



Probably not, but other states and organizations may appreciate the information.


I hadn’t, that’s why I asked. But he does know where to find it, so he could assemble one or ask someone else to.


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