Eel and woman become best friends over the years


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Reminds me of a diver that befriended an eel and he’d occasionally dive down and feed him with treats. One time the eel was too impatient and bit the guy’s thumb off.

Friendship is great, but gotta remember that they’re still wild animals.


Saw that one. Was pretty funny. The guy was not that bright - he was serving his friend the moray hot dogs. He couldn’t get the hot dog out in time, and the moray when for the dude’s finger. Really guy? You fed him literal finger foods and trained him to finger shaped foodstuff. Smart. He deserved to have his finger bit off.


When an eel
bumps your heel,
and you give a squeal
that’s a moray.


Some girls have all the fun.


I don’t want to make this a Dean Martin Eel thread, but… (I kinda wanna make this a Dean Martin Eel thread.)


Between this eel-friend story, and the dog-in-car-hitting-horn story, I’m as un-dissapointed in BoingBoing as humanly possible.


When you swim
in the sea
and an eel bites your knee
that’s a moray.


When you hold an ideal
a custom that’s real
behavior genteel
that’s a moray.


When you swim with your friend
And return with the bends
That’s a moray amore.


We’d all win. and now we have!


When it swims through the reef
And it’s got lots o’ teef
Then, signore,

I would say, “back away,
“or you’ll have a bad day—
That’s a moray!”


When you see some fine art
that makes your eyes start
as lines move apart
that’s a moiré.


My go-to is

When you stick your hand in a crack
and you don’t get it back
That’s a Moraaaayyy…



Not really good feeding the wild fish like that also dangerous.



when you anthro-
gazing at eel’s eyes,
that’s a moray

when that eel
strikes you dumb
as he takes your dear thumb
that’s a moray

when you refuse
to believe
that that eel is a heel
that’s a moray

when next year
you return
without lessons learned
that’s a moray


Shouldn’t that be more like:

“MORAY EEL-- You are NOT the father.”