Eerie skyscraper moans in the wind

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Are you using well tempered tuning, equal tuning, Pythagorean tuning, perfect fifth/twelfth???

Just tuning, 43 tone, stretched… Which one is it man???

(It’s 246.9H, isn’t it. You philistine)


Video link for the BBS.

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Yeah, there are easily what, six notes playing at the same time without overtones?

They need to get in there with a couple snarks and true their tones up!

(Did I mention i moved a piano and a pump organ yesterday, then taught my godson diminished and augmented chord theory?)


At first I was all “eerie skyscraper”? How about the noise is eerie and not the building?

And then I saw this weirdo building in a skyline of shorter, more relatable brick buildings and I was all, “oh, Bond villain building, that is eerie.”


Jesus, it’s like the combine from Half Life landed on earth and decided to fuck with Manchester.

Oh, totally not on purpose guise, yew know raaaiiii?


Colossi of Mammon (okay, not the same sound-producing mechanism as the Memnon…)

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It’s colloquially known as Football Towers because of the number of footballers that live there. There’s a restaurant on the 23rd floor (called Cloud 23) that has some fantastic views of Manchester.

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As far as I know, it’s the only building in Britain with its own parody Twitter account:

Meanwhile, in Leeds, we’ve got a wind-accelerating building:


At least it isn’t melting cars and cooking eggs!


[quote=“beschizza, post:1, topic:69961”]Moancore[/quote]Is that a real thing? I would believe it.

Do we have sighcore yet? Perhaps sneezecore?

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Not yet, but give the robot more time to integrate to society before revealing its intentions.

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Hell, thats annoying. Another reason NOT to live in Manchester.

What a great tone! I love it. Feel sorry for the poor people living there, though.

Wonder if this was done on purpose, not very much unlike in Patlabor The Movie?


sure as hell would make me go berserk, robot or not.

It’s in Manchester- even if it was a perfectly polished parabolic mirror, not enough sunlight would break through the permanent drizzle.

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Yeah, it made me think of the Vdara death ray in Las Vegas, and Galupping Gertie in Tacoma. If only there were a way of testing these designs in a computer sim, before building them!


I think more “headquarters for an objectively evil corporation run by demons.”

It probably hits some weird arcane tone that makes people weep blood at the right wind speeds.


Hm, I only hear two. Do you have those special cables that preserve the warmth particles?

At 0:06 there are four…

One sec…

0:21 at least two descend, but I’m positive there are more…

0:32 there are a tonof tones, moving all around the place.

0:20-0:26ish are the most obvious, but fairly quiet.

Oh, and audiophiles are self entitled jerks. If I had a few snarks (:D) I could literally show you. Different parts of the building are just moving at different Hertz. Very much like tuvan throat singing.


There is a resultant, an out of tune octave, what sounds like a fifth and a fourth, and a really out of tune higher ‘whistle’ octave.