Eerily realistic animal heads that you can wear created by Japanese artist

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For those of us who always secretly wished we lived in the Bojack Horseman universe.


Wow. I wish these were remotely in my budget.

I discovered inadvertently some years back that I have an animal-headed human (1st edition D&D rakshasa?) kink.


I’ll stick with normal fursuit makers.

…you mean furries?

Oh wait, you mean secretly … never mind.


This’ll be great for Wicker Man LARPing


So that’s where Man With a Mission get their heads.

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If only I had a few grand extra lying around, one of those would be spectacular for handing out Halloween candy!

Has anyone here tried one on? How’s the view from the inside?
(Asking for, uh, me!)

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They were doing it wrong. They hadn’t asked the Japanese for a furry suit.

Story of O?

I used to have a costume bear’s head that I bought 30 years ago at my university theater department’s annual costume sale, from productions they put on in previous years and were retiring. It was super cheap and well-made, using salvaged and donated fur pieces. The synthetic furs available now are really nice though.

I used to be part of some online puppetry forums and email groups, and many people also made masks and built mascot heads, much like these. I never thought there would be a big market for them though. I guess I don’t move in the right circles to be aware of the demand for them.

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