For sale: surplus nightmare fuel vintage manikins from a defunct dental school


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Cool in a nightmarish way.


Looks like the guys from the Saw series just got some new props to acquire


You know, I’ve always wanted to open a hat shop…


With hats made from human skin


That’s it! Hats and gift baskets of the finest lotions and other skin care products!

Welcome to Buffalo Bill’s Hat shop!



These are from a system in a modern dental school that I worked on a couple years ago. Not quite so much nightmare fuel anymore, I must say.


They also go by another name that sounds appropriately eerie - dental phantom.


When I am forcibly uploaded into a robot body and sent to sieve Helium3 out of the lunar regolith (because it will be cheaper than paying me a pension), I at least want one of these as a head. I’m torn between Creepy Jawless Chromium Oscar Dude and Proto-Vader though. Maybe one for work and one for best?




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