Doc Holliday's dental chair available at auction

What could be more terrifying than facing down one of the West’s most legendary gunmen? Having him as your dentist. His uncomfortable looking chair and an assortment of his equipment are up for auction. The oak and leather mounted dental chair of Doc Holliday and associated equipment. Accompanied by a framed letter on Baker Gulch… READ THE REST

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My grandma (I’m 58), used to tell me about this kind of dentist set-up. Foot-powered drill and all that… Gaahhh!! Doesn’t matter who the dentist actually was. Scuse me while I go thoroughly brush and floss. Yikes.

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Dentistry must have become fantastically better once cocaine was isolated from the coca leaf.

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Ya think?

SPOCK: I know the bullets are unreal, therefore they cannot harm me.
KIRK: We must all be as certain as you are, Mister Spock, to save our lives.

“I give this chair to the city free of charge in hope that a display of archives or a museum may use this infamous artifact.”

Not “I give this chair to the city free of charge in hope that they can sell this infamous artifact to the highest bidder.”


“When my brother and I built the first man-carrying flying machine we thought that we were introducing into the world an invention which would make further wars practically impossible.”
— Orville Wright, 1917.

If only things were used as expected by their contributors.

I’m your huckleberry.

I’d have had him as my dentist. By all accounts his hand-eye coordination was pretty good. Of course there was that whole tuberculosis thing…

obviously, this will go to some private collection, but wouldn’t it be awesome if your local barber bought it and you could get your hair cut on it?
(i wouldn’t be as thrilled if my local dentist bought it, though…)

Was he your huckleberry?

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