EFF fights order to remove public records documents detailing Seattle's smart-meters


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EFF flights order to remove public records documents detailing Seattle’s smart-meters

That’s great news. Someone please fix the headline. I don’t think the EFF plans to flight the order.


I tried, but attempting an edit seemed like it would reclassify (or fork?) thread from “boing” to “dizzy”

I suspect that only @doctorow can fix this one.




Techdirt has the already-published dox that were ordered to be pulled down.


I hope EFF considers raising the argument that the principal claim Landis and Gyr may have, if any, should be pursued against their own attorneys for the mistaken disclosure. Aren’t the Landis and Gyr attorneys trying to fix their own error by blaming the victim, i.e. attacking a bystander with a damage claim? Seems like it from what’s been reported so far. Go, EFF and @pmocek!


At this time, EFF are representing Muckrock and its founder Michael Morisy. I am without representation.




THIS is how you animated gif a story.


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