EFF files huge lawsuit against NSA on behalf of broad coalition


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Gun ownership advocates, you just earned lunch table privileges. On a probationary basis, of course.

This seems like an opportune moment to link to the EFF’s donation webpage:

“Nobody does more lasting good for the Internet with less. Every penny you donate makes change for the better.” — Cory Doctorow


I totally agree. The fights we fight and win now will determine the future of technology. Will we be digitally enslaved? Or will we retain basic freedoms? Will the Internet be used as a tool to dismantle the Bill of Rights? or will it be used as a tool to enhance it and share those rights with everyone in the world? Really, right now is a critical time for the Internet and humanity.

Why isn’t anyone talking about damages? 1) Association metadata singlehandedly funds/powers Google/Facebook, and has discrete (astronomical) value, with actuarial tables and everything. I submitted to a human experiment (captcha) for the quid-pro-quo to post this. And it pays someone’s salary. I think most people would like to see a jury on this, but I gather federal civil jury demands are a harder sell without damages. This isn’t just about privacy - that information is worth beaucoup.

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I wonder what measures the EFF attorneys are taking to ensure they’re phones and email are secure. And how often they sweep their offices, homes, and cars for trackers and bugs. Now that they’ve launched this, I’m sure some agency will make a case before a secret judge to surveille the crap out of everyone at EFF.

You really think they haven’t been already?

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I have little doubt that in the eyes of the NSA, anyone who advocates for civil rights of any sort is defined as an enemy and heavily surveilled - and has been for years. That said, I also have little doubt that EFF people are very familiar with encryption and anonymization.

I wonder what measures the EFF attorneys are taking to ensure they’re phones and email are secure.

EFF’s Top 12 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy

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