EFF on Cockygate: trademark trolls vs romance literature

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Faleena should have learned this one lesson:


I was just hearing about this from a fellow writer who dabbles in romance. Her opinion was that this author got some bad advice from a legal troll, and since then has just been doubling down rather than admit fault and back out.


There there’s the song Please Be A Cocky Cool Kid by ShitKid

Double, tripled, and Ambiened down. She posted a wonderful, insane, rambling, video diatribe that was supposed to clear things up and help everyone understand her point, but reminded me more of the narcissistic mutterings of our favorite bloviator in chief, but with more Drama (to be pronounced “Drama!”). Someone mentioned she was an actor, and my lord did she act her way through that, with long, pensive pauses and lots of enunciation. Needless to say, the short video she planned was an hour and a half long train wreck that she quickly deleted when it started making the rounds and it didn’t improve her image.

It’s been a weird time in the writing world for sure. But I think it’s just our current political timeline seeping into everything else. Bad gaskets I suspect.


As others have said, maybe the silver lining of this period is that more of the masks are coming off. We get to see how a lot of people really are, by seeing the temptations that they feel more free to succumb to.

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