UPDATED: The US Patent and Trademark Office is ready to hand over an exclusive trademark for "Dragon Slayer" for fantasy novels


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Yeah, Letters of Protest to the Assistance Commissioner are pretty worthless. The 30-day opposition window opens on November 6, 2018. Anyone with standing can file an opposition - you do not even need an attorney.


Dibs on “Rescuing Princesses”. Totally something I invented.


I invented “Once Upon A Time”. Sometimes if I’m feeling real plucky, I’ll spell time like this: tyme.

It’s a small touch but my readers appreciate the effort, I’m sure. :neutral_face:


While I’m not generally for revoking rights… after you’ve shown yourself to be a copyright dickweed you should have a probationary period. Should you then submit another troll-based copyright application, you should have your rights to submit copyrights revoked for ten years.

(Also, I know this is a terrible idea that would be abused immediately.)


Also not quite how that works. Copyright is automatic upon creation of a work. Trademarks are a different matter altogether.




Author Name will be devastated.

(Centre left of the cover image…)


What about Saint George, patron saint of England and reputed Dragon Slayer?

America must be littered with St. George’s churches and parishes and whatnot. If you want to throw a spanner in the works of American government -especially in the current climate- claim religious discrimination.

“Yeronner, this awful pagan wants to copyright my faith!”


I’m gonna trademark “About The Author” and “This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to an actual person or even is entirely coincidental.” And “by.”

And “Prologue.”



My Wyrm Molester series is safe.


If Faleena Hopkins writes Cocky Dragon Slayer, she and Michael Scott Earle can have hours of fun suing each other.


Ooooh, I like that idea!

But wouldn’t that lead those Too Much Alike authors into a state of Belligerent Sexual Tension leading into a Happily Ever After ending?*

*Out of kindness, I have omitted links to the relevant TVTropes pages. You’re welcome.


What about Dragon “Slayer”?


I prefer dealing with dragons instead, but maybe that’s just me.



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