Trademark troll who claims to own "Dragon Slayer" now wants exclusive rights to book covers where someone is holding a weapon


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All he needs is a judge with no brain who has never looked at the covers of any fantasy books in their entire life. I’d say odds are in his favour.


If only the USPTO could, upon finding a trademark application to be not only without merit, but actual fuckery, levy a crushing fine upon the offender.


I’m not one to advocate violence but should perchance this Troll were to be found still clutching an over sized magical + 5 medieval battle axe lodged in his chest. I would appreciate the irony . I would further appreciate the irony if a photo were taken and used as a book cover with the series “troll slayer chronicals” and titled “just deserts for another troll” . with the authors name titled in black at the bottom. it would be great if the author were his spouse.


LOL. What is “Prior Art”.

Someone write a fantasy series where all weapons are really just penises shaped like weapons. And they are made for love, not war. Sort of like that erotic series that one guy put out…


I’m going to trademark “trademark applications where the application incorporates features that are in common circulation”. I’m then going to patent the business practice of "trademarking ‘trademark applications where the application incorporates features that are in common circulation’ ".

This idea is of course copyright.


I’m going to trademark the business process of suing people for trademark infringement.


He can’t be the first crank who tried to get wealthy via the intellectual property system but he’s definitely vying for the hall of fame with this claim.


Well I’ve patented the idea of books having covers, so BURN!




In a just world, this overreaching application would result in the immediate disbarment of the lawyer responsible for it.

What’s next, trademark shirtless dudes on romance novel covers?


Wow, this can’t even be charitably passed off as being badly done but with honest intentions. This is 100% pure, straight-up trademark trolling of the most scammy kind.

So is this the guy?
Hey, you can leave him a comment! I wonder how long that will stay up?

/Runs to trademark office


Quick, someone trademark the phrase “Michael-Scott Earle.”


Where is Chuck Tingle when you need him?





Honestly that sounds a great deal like Chuck Tingle’s oeveure.

eta: @Grey_Devil Jinx!


I may have tweeted at him. Though can’t hurt if other people do as well.


“Pounded in the butt by my own copyright”


Books with titles? Yeah, that’s mine.


I call dibs on books that have bindings…