EFF shows how "metadata" collection is bad for freedom of association


Time to make another donation to EFF.

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But it’s precisely the reason meta data is collected; to ascertain associations and connections. Why do you think Glenn Greenwald’s love interest was harassed in the UK? It’s all about association.

I’m delighted that the EFF is making it clear (and along with some groups that usually don’t like them much, which gives things a nice bipartisan appeal); but has anybody ever been under the impression that ‘metadata’ were being collected for any other purpose than this sort of work?

If ‘metadata’ were ‘just a pile of boring technical arcana about terminating your phone call, they mean nothing’ nobody would collect them. The whole point is that building interconnection information from connection metadata is relatively trivial, especially if you have a lot of it and don’t mind a little collateral damage…

Given what the feds are watching, they could easily have a map of members and sympathizers of basically anything above the level of your neighbor’s kids’ treehouse fort at this point.

I wouldn’t rule out the tree house club either.

The National Reconnaissance Office and the Geospatial-Intelligence Agency have picked up on foliage anomalies consistent with an improvised arboreal installation in wide-spectrum satellite footage of the area; but the kids aren’t allowed to bring their phones up there, because their parents think that they will drop them, so NSA SIGINT can neither confirm nor deny utilization of the installation at this time.

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Dispatch the Tiny Dragonfly Drones at once!

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I’m afraid that DARPA is still working on that

Incidentally, where can I obtain a pamphlet entitled “BAA 06-22, Hybrid Insect Micro Systems, Proposer Information Pamphlet” which provides further information on Hybrid Insect Micro Systems? That sounds keen!

Maybe I’ll start a civilian “Swat Team” of volunteers to combat them.

All citizens are advised to scan an insect’s NFC tag before exercising pest control measures, as deliberate or negligent destruction of, damage to, or tampering with, officially designated cybernetic or biomimetic security organisms is a serious offense.

These instructions are for your protection.


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