EFF to Texas AG: Epson is screwing Texans

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Dang. Too bad the Attorney General of Texas is a criminal, too.


Epson is screwing Texans

Last I heard, they need a good screwing down in Texas.


I daresay this could be generalized as:

“EFF to [state] AG: [printer_mfg] is screwing [state]ians”


Well that just don’t make no sense. Why would a world-famous business hurt their own customers? Case dismissed!

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I have an Epson printer I like and was always relieved that the “printer company screws consumers” stories were about other brands. Guess it was only a matter of time…


It’s bad enough that Epson and HP have pursued their profits through
these deceptive and illegitimate means, but what’s even worse is that in
so doing, they have actively poisoned the cybersecurity well. That’s
why their misconduct is all of our concern.

^ This! It’s not just happening to Texans-who-deserve-it (parse that how you may). They are eroding everyone’s trust in ‘security’ software updates.

Cross Epson off my list of printers to buy. What a shame, too, since my Artisan 725 has served me well. Needless to day, I won’t be installing any of their updates. Even though I’ve never used third-party ink, I want that option.

Come to think of it, I should slip in a firewall rule to keep the printer from attempting any shenanigans.

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Epson has been pulling shit like this for years. I own a large-format print company and will never, ever buy Epson products after getting screwed by them.


We’re not all mouth-breathing, sociopathic, red-voting morons down here. It’s just that our votes don’t end up counting in highly gerrymandered areas. Parse that how you may.

If I thought there was a God listening, I’d pray for (among many other things) a world where more people really understood that capitalism is an optimizer for owners’ profits, and any alignment between that goal and human flourishing and well-being is contingent, with the latter thrown under the bus as soon as a more profitable offer comes along, no matter how noble most individual owners may be.

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Exactly - I originally intended to mean that subset of Texans who deserve it; then noticed it was ambiguous; then decided to leave it in the hopes that parsing the ambiguity might cause the knee-jerkers to think.

I hate Epson, but they’re the only game in town (as far as I know) for affordable large (ish) format consumer scanning. A friend of mine who draws comics just went through this. If it ain’t 8.5X11, then it’s thousands of dollars… or, weirdly, an Epson all in one.

The publisher’s guidelines are for low quality scans to evaluate if they want to publish it, so my friend the starving artist figures she’ll get it and have a printer as well.

Garbage. Trash. Junk.

The thing scans fine, but printing has been a damn mess. And when she called Epson for help, of course they recommended she buy a new cartridge. And when that didn’t work, it turned into its own whole ordeal.

Up to that point, I felt like Epson and Brother had kind of been the “Good Guys.” But I realize now there are no good guys selling ink on the razor and blade model.

Do the Epson MFPs at least have the decency to continue scanning when out of printer consumables?

That’s horrifyingly not something one can rely on in the all-in-one hellscape.


Mercifully, no.

For now.

In just about any other thread that would be reassuring…

Of course the Epson MFP I bought a while back stop doing either scanning or printing the second it was out of warranty. Meanwhile I’ve had the same BW laser printer for five plus years which has never given me a single problem aside from running out of paper because I never remember to fill it, since I can fit most of a ream in there.

(Oh… and there was that time I almost recycled my drum because I forgot to separate it from the toner cartridge.)

I ran into that with an HP all-in-one. HP has been on my shit list ever since. It decided a printhead was too old and wouldn’t scan until it was replaced.

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