HP once again caught sneaking code into printers to reject third-party ink

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“Well, we made our non-apology for the patch and waited a year, which automatically means we can do it again and no one will ever notice.”

It’s like the decisions at HP are being made by small children or perhaps cunning dogs.


they are learning from trumps example?


Nah, dogs do a better job of acting ashamed.


I’ve been pretty loyal to HP printers because they normally Just Work in linux.But this aggression will not stand, man.


Get rid of HP! My inkjet printer was sabotaged by them. Then my HP laser (1505n iirc) turned into a useless lump when they wouldn’t provide a driver for Win10. Rubbish company. Rubbish!


I’m fond of Brother printers, especially the cheap laser printers. They also “just work” in Linux, and they have Linux drivers available on their website.


It’s been well-known to everyone inside the valley for a long, long time that HP’s woes lay squarely on the incompetence of its upper management. This is just another in a long series of self-inflicted wounds.


remember when Carly Fiorina ran for President?


after the late store dixons gave a lexmark with a laptop few years ago I gave up on ink suppliers haven’t had one since…

but heay that’s bad juice

At the same time though they are actually opening up development of materials for their 3D printers. There’s no “it has to be HP materials in the HP printers” mindset at all on the 3D side.

My point being the behavior of the personal printing side isn’t necessarily a reflection of the company as a whole.

One thing that HP has been doing for (apparently) ever is making sure that the power cord is totally incompatible with every other machine. There is absolutely no reason for this; it is just pure fuckery.


Or, for another example, you can’t get BIOS updates for HP servers unless you have a support contract.

Really, why would I want to buy HP anything at this point. We’re a long way from their glory days (I still have my circa-1985 HP-11C calculator, which was vastly better made than anything from TI and probably still is).


My HP printer (which doesn’t work properly anyway) thinks that its genuine HP cartridges are third party.


Like some other companies, HP has a track record of selling off the good bits because the C-suite doesn’t understand them. Palm was a good example - HP were at the time engaged in a “do nothing but software” mode. Yes Palm needed a lot of development money (phone development isn’t cheap) - but they had a brand that could have taken up the corporate slack from BlackBerry.


Power cord on my HP desktop is standard PC power cord.

I know it’s fun to dump all over a company when Cory calls them out, but can we at least not turn into a bunch of knee jerk literalists?

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Same! Bought one (I don’t even know how) long ago. Worked fine for years. Cheap. And it takes OEM ink no problem.

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All printers are Chaotic Evil at heart.


My disillusionment with HP predates Cory’s post by a long, long time. HP is now run by incompetent pinheads. There’s no going back.

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