HP's Back to Business sale means it's time to upgrade your office tech

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/01/16/hps-back-to-business-sale-me.html

HP blows. While their hardware is sometimes pretty good, their software is so outrageously bad it veers often into the offensive. And for the love of gourd, don’t buy one of their execrable ink jet printers. Those things are a crime against humanity.

IMO, Dell is much better. Top quality hardware with minimal intrusive software preinstalled. They are also currently offering some pretty nice deals. (Though they don’t have a central web page for all the deals on their site. So I suppose that’s one thing HP does better.)


You want us to give money to … this company?

Wait, no, that wouldn’t make any sense. Aww crap, does this mean that BB got hacked AGAIN? Twice in a week is a bad look.


If there was ever any doubt about whether BoingBoing’s Shop advertised anything other than crapgadgets, this post seals the deal.

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