EGear 30-Day Lantern - a month of light from three D cells


How do you recharge your batteries during a power outage?

You also need one of these:

I have an ancient (much smaller) NiCd powered air compressor that has a cigarette lighter outlet that I use to recharge stuff during power outages. It just died, so I am now thinking about something like Jason’s Power Dome…

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Its always good to have a good battery driven lantern around for camping, storms and what have. The last year or so my family has been using these rechargeable dealies with included (but separate) solar cells. They’ve got a couple of USB ports in them, so they provide a good amount of light and a nice charging station for gadgets when dry camping.

But a few years ago I camped with friends who use a Coleman propane lantern. It puts out more light than most of the comparable electric lanterns I’ve used, and lasts damn near forever on one tank. The down side is its about 2x the size of the electric guys. I figured having both would cover all the bases camping wise, and give you a longer use period/redundancy during storms.

If’n you want something longer lived and a little more capable Honda makes a great series of ridiculously small gas driven inverters/generators. My father uses them for his RV, he’s got 2 and runs one at a time. But apparently they can be run in sequence to take the place of a larger generator. He claims 3 of them would run his house as well as his full sized genny. I tend to think he’d need at least 4. But they’re incredibly small, and very quiet. Though they are expensive (but almost always cheaper than MSRP). I think he uses an older model of the 2000 series:

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You don’t, unless you’ve got an alternate power source for you charger. If the outage outlasts your rechargables, you’ll just have to drive to the store. It’s a good excuse to get out of the dark house for a while, anyway.

Solar charger.

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