Wagan Power Dome EX, 400watt jumpstarter, inverter and compressor


I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting a portable jump-starter for years now, I had no idea they were available with so many features. This qualifies as a wonderful thing for happy mutants as far as I’m concerned. :smile:

I picked up one of the newer lithium ion jump start batteries a few weeks ago. Used it right away, and it worked wonderfully. They’re so much lighter and it’ll also does USB charging in a pinch, no air compressor though.

Wow. I may have to order one of those and try it out!

Y’know, Jason, something about that “400W battery” bothered me. I’ve never heard of a battery’s capacity expressed in watts.

Ahem, it’s the inverter that is 400W. The battery is 600A cold cranking.

/stepping off my soapbox, now.

Thank you!

Oh, you’re welcome.

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