El Cajon police say unarmed black man pointed vape at officer before he was shot to death


As a native El Cahonky, I gotta ask what you mean by that. Is El Cajon too poor? Too black? Too backward? Too muddy? Too musically rich? Too racially tense?

At least it ain’t like Santucky down at the other end of Magnolia.


That’s definitely classier, very true. I’m genuinely impressed by the items you have on your site, though – haven’t seen things that large since I saw Bad Dragon. Goodness.

Anyhow, back to our nation’s endemic and systematic racism problem.


It looks like he was pretending that he had a gun. One question I have is could the police tell it was a vape from the distance they were, in the time they had. Regardless of that, using a taser and a gun simultaneously seems to me a massive screw-up, at minimum.


This was a tragic combination of terrible ideas: cops not able to coordinate on something as basic as whether to use lethal or non-lethal force, a cop shooting to kill rather than to disable, and a victim doing a really good job of pretending he’s got a gun and is about to shoot first.


I was wondering who you all were talking to. I saw her posts on here a little while ago on another topic, but it looks like her whole profile has been deleted. You’re talking to a ghost now. A dong-peddling ghost.


Ghosts and wieners seem to go hand in hand (so to speak).


What is this, the answer to a riddle? What’s slimy and eats wieners?


During the single season of Little League Baseball that I played as a child, I was taught that when fielding a pop-up fly ball, I should loudly shot “I GOT IT” to make sure teammates didn’t run into me while trying to catch the same ball.
Clearly, these two police didn’t play little league baseball.


My ole’ Santucky home! I reckon…


Plus that description doesn’t reflect the huge, YUGE Iraqi/Chaldean immigrant community that El Cajon has. Making up 1/4-1/3 of the city’s population. Although El Cajon has long been a butt of jokes like that Shit My Dad Says bit and the Unarius Acadamy’s aliens.


I got the impression that US LEOs really WANT to use their guns. The slightest excuse given is enough to grab their penis-extensions/guns and go BANG! BANG! Makes you feel really manly!

In contrast: Why police don’t pull guns in many countries


I should have given Max and Dave more shit for that. I’m not entirely sure they didn’t know that I’m from there.

And anyway, Santee is the anus of San Diego. El Cajon would be the taint. Lakeside the hairy ballsack. And so on.


I’m just thankful I live just to the east, in the unincorporated area of El Cajon. (It’s still my zip code) But I had to go to Greenfield and El Cap growing up.


How 'bout that, me too. Class of '88. I used to live on Calleja Risa, just off Los Coches Rd E. Behind the Circle K.


As far as I’m aware, police aren’t trained to “shoot to disable”, they are trained to shoot to kill.


El Cap, 93. Out in Flinn Springs :slight_smile:


Heh. From '72 to '79 we lived in Rios Canyon. I’ve bought more than a few sticks of candy at the Flinn Springs Country Store.


This is largely from a liability standpoint. If you’re life is in enough danger you should shoot until the threat has stopped. If it is NOT in that much danger, you shouldn’t shoot at all.

If you shot someone in the leg to wound, it could easily (and probably rightly) be argued that the cops wasn’t in enough danger to warrant the use of a gun.

Now this precedence was before tasers and such. Now cops have a plethora of less than lethal options. And we are seeing a problem with some police ABUSING those.

Like I said, I eagerly look forward to a robotic police force. They will be making far less mistakes and result in less citizens killed by police.


The cops I know are trained to use deadly force as an absolute last resort. If they use a gun, their first priority is to take down their target; if the target is armed, shoot their hand. If they’re running, shoot their legs. A shot to the main body mass is often meant to disable rather than kill but, again, it’s a last resort.

A cop shooting to kill as their first reaction is a bad cop.


Oh, I agree with this completely, and I think this idea of “shoot to disable” while sounding nice in theory and looking cool in movies or TV just isn’t practical in real life.

I can only imagine this is what goes through the minds of these police these days:

(can you believe this episode aired nearly 20 years ago?)