Replica Axe-Cop cosplay axe


Slice of lemon not included.

Uh, wouldn’t be carrying that around in public…

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Brandishing? No. Carrying? Sure, why not?

Read the news lately? Also, I’m guessing you’re not black.

I’ve read plenty of news lately, but somehow I must have missed all the stories about bad things happening to people carrying, but not brandishing, plastic toy axes - regardless of their skin color.

“…made from real plastic”

I love that. :smile:


A kid got killed by the police near my town for carrying a plastic gun in an empty field. If you’ve been paying attention the police will kill on sight whenever they feel threatened or just in the mood. No, there hasn’t been a police murder of a plastic axe wielding person yet but if you don’t see a pattern of behavior by them I repeat, you must not be a person of color.


Citation, please.

You seem to be insinuating that police are just sniping people out of the blue, because “police” and “race”. Call me a skeptic, but I find when I hear a single extreme and immensely unlikely seeming point of view without supporting details, I assume the reality behind the story is more complicated than the portrayer lets on or realizes, and is probably much closer to a midpoint between the extreme they portray, and its logical opposite.

Context is king. Who was this nebulous “kid”? How old were they? What were they doing? What did the police do? Where exactly did this happen? When did it happen? What was the larger situation? Where did this information come from, and how trustworthy are those sources? I can’t possibly begin to form any sort of opinion about this case without this sort of information. And I certainly can’t compare it to other distinct events either.

And please stop it with the “True Scotsman” fallacy. Statements that essentially amount to “only a person of color would understand this” are complete bullshit, and are in fact a form of racism. Your skin color does not intrinsically equate to your cultural or your personal experiences in any meaningful way.

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You know, if there were ever a time for this kind of link:

Yes, this happened. Yes, the kid was playing alone in a field. Yes, the cops were declared not at fault.

So assuming I picked the correct result, and the story in question is regarding one Andrew Lopez, here are the salient details: the “plastic toy gun” was a replica assault rifle of considerable realism, and Lopez was repeatedly ordered to drop the “weapon” but failed to comply.

That alone tells me this case doesn’t at all support the claim that “the police will kill on sight”.

Or did I perhaps pick the wrong google result? Maybe Elusis’ snide “Let Me Google That For You” link doesn’t actually properly lead to the case that rattypilgrim meant? If so, I’ll gladly accept an actual citation from the person actually making the argument.

Until such time, I am well within rationality to dismiss the argument wholesale for lacking any relevant, verifiable evidence to support it at all. Burden of proof and all that.

Back on topic, has anyone actually purchased this particular item who could give us their impression of it? It looks good in pictures, but for the price I’m curious as to how solid the construction is.

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