Today in bad ideas: handgun replica iPhone cases

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Just saw it on the morning news… Does it come with a ‘white folks only’ warning?


This will go great with my grenade-replica perfume bottle, thanks!



And of course it will be easier to ban fake guns than real ones.


They did the near impossible and managed to lend credence to the “asking for it” argument.


This is a really bad idea.

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Which is exactly why I truly love it!   It’s fantastically stupid and pointless.

Freedom means being able to exercise ridiculously bad* judgement, right? This kind of thing makes me believe there might still be some freedom left in this increasingly regulated and observed world. Even though in this case that freedom seems to be the freedom to be an idiot.

* ridiculously bad, that is, from the viewpoint of the ruler or ruling class.

i detest guns but if they made an up to date cane gun i’d think that was cool. i’ve always thought carrying a cane would provide a person with a defensive weapon that might be ignored by anyone assaulting the person carrying the cane. plus you can raise it in the air and yell, “damn kids” randomly in public. people shy away from crazy people.

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Make it! It’s not that difficult. :stuck_out_tongue:

…what about a cane shotgun? With a wide spread it could be a perfect concealed get-out-of-a-melee weapon…

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