Rifle umbrella

Poizen Industries’ umbrella that looks like a rifle is probably a bad idea. But if you must. (Thanks, Sylvia Thompson!) READ THE REST

if the sheathe covered the gun bits, it would sell alot more.

once its in umprella mode everyone will know its cool.

its when your walking around with it on your back waiting for it to rain that somebody will call the cops. pity
also i’ve seen kitana umbrellas that were rad as hell too

Don’t go near Alex Cox with one at any rate.

Since there’s been cases of the cops being called about the sword handle unbrellas, this strikes me as a possible terminally bad idea.

It’s a well disguised weapon. It goes with the disguised pistol from an a**hole:

(from here: http://dontevenreply.com/view.php?post=84 )

“I’ll take a dozen!”


Does it make the distinctive Garand ‘ping’ noise when you open it?

I used to have a umbrella with a shoulder strap like that - it was great to be able to sling the umbrella over your back and have your hands free.

Aside from the strap it was a normal umbrella (it didn’t try to look like a gun) - even so I would occasionally get strange looks and double takes.

My umbrella also has a strap like that, and it too is great to carry hands-free. Nor does mine look like a rifle when closed. It does look like a katana (Samurai sword), complete with wrapped hilt. But it’s still just an umbrella.

I’d rather have one with a glowing tube like the ones in Blade Runner.

You are in luck


Jesus, this will get people killed. It WILL happen. It’s just a question of time.

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Why in hell would you want to carry something like that? Is there a GOOD reason to deliberately carry something that will make other people worry that you may be some kind of dangerous deranged psycho? Don’t give me any cr*p about rights…is there a GOOD reason for it? Does it benefit you or someone else in any way for you to knowingly and deliberately do something that you know will make other people afraid? Or are you just a frigging idiot?


My bass is a Steinberger knockoff. In its leather gig bag it looks a lot like a shotgun. Might be time to accessorize.

That is an AMAZINGLY bad idea!

Reminds me of that scene in Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Reminds me of this shield pistol

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