El Deafo: moving, fresh YA comic-book memoir about growing up deaf

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Cece Bell’s young adult graphic novel El Deafo is a beautiful, sweet, moving and funny memoir about growing up deaf. Take one part Ernie Pook’s Comeek and two parts of Peanuts, mix thoroughly, and add some indefinable secret ingredients, and you’ll get El Deafo, which Cory Doctorow thoroughly enjoyed.

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Looks delightful! Ahh, the Amazon wish list grows and grows…

The huge hearing aid reminds me of my cousin who is roughly my dad’s age and had a similar if perhaps slightly smaller one growing up. At one point when they were about 8 the two of them were wrestling with each other and the hearing aid came off.

My dad was terrified- he had never been told what the hearing aid was, and thought that it was keeping his cousin alive!

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