El Santo: the Mexican wrestling superhero

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We don’t need your stinkin’ kung fu - we got El Santo!

In Mexico, El Santo was the equivalent of Superman

In Mexico, the equivalent of Superman was Superman, the archetypical Mexican superhero was later defined by Kaliman in the 60’s.

To me, Luchadores were their own thing and I never felt that they took the place of superheroes.
Having said that, if Santo was superman, then Blue Demon was Batman and I liked his movies the best.

Side note, “Huracan Ramirez” was a wrestler created for the movies whose stuntman would go on to wrestle under the Huracan Ramirez mask before striking out on his own. His movies were more down to earth fare, battling evil landlords and street thugs.

Some cultural backgorund:

Luchador movies were definitely modeling B movies but at that point there was a long tradition of tent performance, basically a travelling theater which like a circus would ride into town, set up a tent and do plays, skits and even wrestling matches that underpins a lot of this stuff and is easy to miss. A lot of major Mexican artists came up in the “carpas” (tents) like Cantinflas and Capulina and the influence of carpas theater can definetly be seen in “El chavo del ocho”


Here’s some contemporary luchador street theatre, with involuntary audience participation.


“Wrestling is like soap opera for dudes.” (Credited to an old roommate.)

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Just caught the MST3K send-up of Santo vs. Las Mujeres Vampiro the other night, though the title had been changed to Samson vs. the Vampire Women for the English-dubbed release of the movie because the studio that secured U.S. distribution rights thought the Biblical strongman would be a bigger box office draw than someone who sounded too Mexican.



Eight-Leg-Insect-Catching-Man really took a beating.

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