Luke Perry's son is a professional wrestler known as "Jungle Boy"

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Big air or big hair?


Is he a “face” or a “heel”? I’d guess face, being small makes him an underdog.


Well, good for him?


And he rides into the ring on the back of his tag-team partner, a luchador dressed like a dinosaur named Luchasaurus. I think I might have to check out AEW wrestling.


Well, Hello Sturdly. Can you diddle that thing, son? Ooh, I don’t believe it.

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Does this air make my hair look big?


I hate wrestling. I hate wrestling so much that I am forced to look deeply into myself as to why it evokes such a strong negative emotion. For this I am thankful. For this I am glad that wrestling exists.


Oh my god that is glorious. I need this kind of stupid fun bullshit in my life.


That looks amazing… It seems like since I stopped watching pro wrestling years ago, the WWE has really come to dominate the sport and pushed out other wrestling circuits… I guess that probably started when the old WWF merged with the WCW.


I wouldn’t have guessed you for a wresting fan. I could never get that into it, but I did watch the old WWF cartoon, and my cousin was into it so I saw some matches at his house.

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I don’t watch it that often, and to be honest, really got tired of watching WWE wrestling due to the constant, dull, stagnant focus on the fake/real dramas around the McMahon family. It seemed like every plot revolved around some member of the McMahons double-crossing someone. Or bringing back some old, retired wrestler like The Undertaker for one last match over and over again, which is just painful to see.

On the other hand, you have amazingly talented, charismatic personas like The New Day that are just a delight.


Yeah, I loved it as a kid… sort of lost interest when I became a teen and was more into music and such… I was never big into the WWF, but I loved the regional federations like NWA/WCW, there was one from TN, and another from Texas. Every now and then, I’d catch a Mexican wrestling broadcast, but not often… and GLOW was always campy fun. I’ve been loving the GLOW show that’s out now (although they fictionalized the actual characters a bit).


As a card-carrying Fat Old Punk, those are some mighty sweet boots.


“The De-natured Boy” vs “The Crusher”:


I used to watch Georgia Championship wrestling and Championship Wrestling from Florida when I was a kid in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, before GCW got eaten by the Yankees at WWF in the mid 1980’s. I think the most interesting parts of the wrestling were often the interviews by Gordon Solie.

As a kid I was amazed when I would see “old guys” that my dad had watched in the 1960’s like Wahoo McDaniels still wrestling, almost 20 years later. Now you’ve got guys like Ric Flair, in his seventies, still wrestling 40 years after I first saw him on TV.


I’ve been wanting to read up on this a bit more, but I think from what I’ve heard, up until the 80s, most wrestling circuits were entirely regional, although people could and did move around quite a bit between different circuits and a global network existed as well. The growth and expansion of the WWF (now WWE) really ate into the regional model a bit starting in the 1980s… Then they bought out their largest competitor, and here we are!

Wahoo McDaniel! Now there is a name I haven’t heard in ages…

I was a big fan of the National Wrestling Alliance and remember when the Crockett family sold it to Ted Turner in the late 80s… and I want to say that they ate up some of the other smaller regional circuits prior to that development (and then the WWF bought the WCW) maybe including GCW?

I have a couple of books either by or about pro wrestlers, but I don’t know if someone has done an authoritative history of pro wrestling in the US or around the world?

But wikipedia had a map of the old wrestling territories in the states and Canada:

By the time I was into this stuff, you could see some of the other regions… I remember watching WCCW, which had the Von Erich family down in Texas.


Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus team up to face off against SCU in the next couple weeks and it should be an amazing match. If you look up any of the sketches with Jungle Boy on youtube via the ‘Being The Elite’ show, they are incredible and you know that they deserve all the recognition they get.

As I recall, The WWF bought the controlling share of the GCW in the mid 1980’s and folded it into their organization. But many of the big-name wrestlers stayed with the NWA and later Crockett’s WCW until it folded up in the early 2000’s. There was apparently a lot of actual bad feeling about it, that naturally was worked into the story-lines.

Do you remember seeing the Fabulous Freebirds wrestling at the beginning of the first Highlander movie? They managed to work that into storyline at the time that they were becoming big Hollywood movie stars.


He definitely could be on the Riverdale TV show. He has the main requirement. Abs.