Watch this Pakistani boy's WWE fan videos with his action figures wrestling in a homemade ring


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That is not a homemade ring. Title should be updated. See:


How long before WWE hires this kid to bring back Celebrity Deathmatch + WWE?


*Would watch


I found that to be about as entertaining as WWE. No, that’s not fair to the Pakistani kid – more entertaining.


He’s got it down pretty good. Utter chaos. He may as well just throw them against a wall.


I knew Randy Orton was going to win. I had money on it. Well… donuts.


Doesn’t he know he hurts the value of his action figures when he takes them out of the box and plays with them?


I don’t have the heart to tell him wrestling is fake.

I do think he could get a bit of a following if he make this stop motion.




I really hope this blooms into a love of stop motion animation, that’d just be a really nice origin story for somebody. Well, that, and I love stop motion animation and we need people who are both willing and able to make it :wink:


Teen Bo$$ in the making?


I used to like rasslin’ (wrestling is a whole nother thing) in the 70’s but the WWF (later the WWE; did the World Wildlife Foundation win a lawsuit or something?) completely killed it by making it into a giant cartoon. It was much more fun as a giant male soap opera.


countdown to WWE or copyright robot taking down all his videos




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