John Cena on Diversity


A wrestler has something to say?

On second viewing, watch carefully what’s going on in the background.


That was pretty damn awesome!


Best promo he’s done so far. :thumbsup:

Makes a nice change from slut-shaming misogynist Kayfabe-Cena.


Yeah the kid has discovered wrestling… such as it is today and I thought it was over the top jumped the shark back in the 80s.


NXT and Lucha Underground are the usual go-to for simple, solid storylines and decent in-ring work. Although I’ve really enjoyed the recent Broken Matt Hardy feud in TNA for completely stupid fun.


I gave up paying attention in the days of Nature Boy Ric Flair,

Anyway that was a great PSA and good to see a spokesperson for a fandom that tends to present itself as a bit redneck.


Speaking of unexpectedly non-rednecky wrestlers, you might enjoy the work of CM Punk:


He has my vote. Oh wait he’s not running.


Okay, what’s going on in the background is awesome. But what I want to know is what’s going on in the foreground? I hear someone talking but there’s no one there…


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