El Terrible: dark, spare noise pop from SF


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Mine and BB’s music tastes are usually somewhat orthogonal, but there’s been a few recommendations the last week I’ve really liked, this being one of 'em for definite.

Right on, Gilbert. Thanks for that. My own tastes can be pretty orthogonal to my tastes, so I hear ya.

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Well put.

Is it me or is there no new sound out there in R&R? I like this, but mostly because it sounds just like the dark Velvets influenced postpunk bands I liked 30 years ago.

You might want to ask your friend Terry Ashkinos why he’s using my friend Kyle Ranson’s art for an EP cover without permission or attribution:

“Kyle Ranson shared a link.10:15am (about an hour ago)so this band used my art for what looks like their new ep. i never heard of them and am not particularly psyched about it”

We thought we had permission but there was a misunderstanding about Kyle’s artwork (which we love) and so we are taking it off the EP at his request.

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Thanks for responding so quickly and being respectful! I was initially pretty excited about seeing his stuff ‘out there’ on yr EP cover and hopefully that’ll still have a chance to happen…

Although it is kind of amusing that for such great fans of Kyle’s you listed him as “unknown artist” on the EP cover.

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