El Vez, the Mexican Elvis, begins 'Mex-Mas' tour in December


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Pissed he’s not coming East!

He had a few really fun Mex-Mas shows at the Black Cat in DC years back. Good times!

“I’m Left, She’s Right, I’m Gone” lol


I have seen him twice, a fun show. So everyone nearby to a show. Run don’t walk.


December 23 – San Diego, at The Casbah

I’m there already.


I’m just over the border, I might go too.


There really needs to be a Lollapalooza-style festival for performers like this who are all about the stage act.
El-Vez, Southern Culture on the Skids, Man or Astroman, Dred Zeppelin, Squirrel Nut Zippers, etc.


I accidentally ended up at an El Vez Christmas show in the late 90s (and by accidentally, I mean I ran into a girl I had a crush on and she invited me).

It was in Athens, GA, where there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to good shows, and, I shit you not, that El Vez show is still in my top 5 of all time. It was at the 40 Watt, the same venue where I saw Elliot Smith, M.I.A., Modest Mouse (3 times), the Shins, and countless others. El Vez was better than all of them. Well, maybe not Modest Mouse. He’s an absolutely incredible performer. If he’ll be near you, go see him. It’s what a show is supposed to be.


I’m just over the boarder all the time, I’m fine with it though.


El Vez is the absolute spanking bomb-diggity.

Puts on an amazing show

only way it could be better is if he got Tiburcio to DJ for him


I have yet to see an Elvis impersonator who wasn’t amusing.



Just say’n


Awesome movie. Terrible movie. Amusing movie.


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