Earth faces comet catastrophe, in this week’s tabloids


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Umm, We don’t see as many Elvis sitings these days.


Maybe the comet make up for the fact that Giant Meteor slacked off?


Aw, come on. Cut the guy some slack. Even The King needs some time off once in a while.


Try Vegas. I hear he hangs out there… :wink:


Well, Las Vegas is the best place to hide an Elvis. It’s like hiding a tree in a forest.


And fewer Bigfoots, or should that be Bigfeet?


It’s to do with his footprint, apparently:


So ‘Bigfeet’ then? :slight_smile:


How about a crossover with Happy Feet


Bring it.


Oddly enough, the last 2 films to come in the mail from Netflix to my house? Last week, Bubbahotep and this week Elvis and Nixon.




Yes! Bubba Ho-Tep is a wonderful movie. Slow at first, but that’s deliberate. Enjoy!


Yes, Bubba Ho-Tep is great. I love the premise, and it works.

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