The definitive guide to Elvis' 1990 "Home Alone" cameo


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near forgotten holiday classic Home Alone


near forgotten holiday classic Home Alone


Sorry, that looks nothing like Elvis Costello.


I want to believe.



Are they talking about the John Candy guy?


Convincing. But the author of this piece doesn’t like turtlenecks which invalidates all his other opinions, and puts him in direct opposition to myself and Mr. J. Peterman.




Elvis is everywhere.



“Say what!?”


Michael J Fox is the anti-Elvis


To me, he looks like Bruce McGill who did play an Elvis Impersonator four years earlier in “Into The Night.”



I had no illusions that I was going to blow the lid off this theory or anything, but I went ahead and checked the IMDB cast listing, all the way to the end where the uncredited section is. The fishy thing is, we have listings for such inanities as:

Woman with Baby on Flight to Paris (uncredited)

Murphy’s Answering Machine Voice (uncredited)

Shopper who tells Kevin which aisle Fabric Softener can be found (uncredited)

yet nothing for the man in question.

Thing is, extras are not paid cash; they’re cut a check and they fill out tax forms before they shoot. At this point, the accountant for the picture should have heard about this rumor by now and looked it up just out of curiosity. If they haven’t, then someone really oughta.


Is that from Bubba Ho-Tep? If not, thanks for reminding me of that movie anyway.

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