Upstate New York Elvis impersonator uses original blueprints to build stunning, 13,000 sqft Star Trek Enterprise replica


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Now that’s a missed opportunity. They could have made another one of those “Enterprise Crew gets to hang out with famous historical figure” episodes if he had just stuck with Elvis.


A bit of a drive, but close enough to make a weekend trip out of it.


Mad props


this just makes me sad, star trek was about the future but endlessly using old icons means people are looking backwards instead of making new versions. Why not make a bridge that reflects the ideas of today’s future? im not expressing this well but i hope the idea is understandable.
the star trek ideals are truly dead.


“I’d have expected better of an Elvis impersonator!”


So you think maybe they should make a whole new season? Maybe get rid of the Enterprise altogether and set it on a space station?

Hey! While they’re at it… imagine a full-length Star Trek movie!


I have to agree. The Star Trek of my youth was magical. This feels about as a futuristic as a wood-panelled rec room with a leather stand-up bar and a wonking big console TV. Oh, and get those god-damned kids off of my lawn.


Elvis + Star Trek; that’s an odd combo you don’t hear of everyday…


It makes sense because (not many people know this part) originally the part of Captain Kirk was offered to Elvis Presley but he wanted too much money.

Nimoy had some good anecdotes about how Shatner hated the part because Roddenberry was always yelling at him “make it more elvis. More Elvisy, canuck!”



I’ve seen quite a few excellent bridges and transporters but that engineering section is top-notch!


It can do the kessel run in 8 hectares!


You say that like it’s a bad thing!


Now I want to hear Elvis sing the original Star Trek Theme lyrics.

…with autotune


Something’s missing… what could it be?


I don’t remember the dropped ceiling and florescent lights in the original series, but maybe this is actually NCC-1701-B.


Actress Yvonne Craig (who also played Batgirl) is one of the few people who could have definitively answered whether William Shatner or Elvis Presley was the better kisser.



The force is strong in this one…