Upstate New York Elvis impersonator uses original blueprints to build stunning, 13,000 sqft Star Trek Enterprise replica

A friend of mine went on the tour and was impressed.

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I think they should rethink it from the ground up. They tried to go star wars-y but against the new movies and their endless output and budget that’s a losing battle.
I’m more thinking how next generation was a upgrade in look, tech, character types and philosophy from STOS as the model to emulate…
You can see the hesitation even in the making of the90s tv series, look at the original concept art for voyager, the bridge was way more futuristic buuuuuut they ended up with one that looked like a modded STNG instead, they had started the design to look retro and in the next series had tried to go even farther back in a prequel style with enterprise.
the jj abram trek did this in spades and the second one was a travesty of stealing some one else great work and instead making total garbage out of it.
So here we are at the 50th anniversary of star trek and every element out now is retro.
what I’ve seen for the potential series is not looking good. i can t speak to the stories but the fact there using old Ralph mcquarrie designs clearly shows what the plan is.

There were blueprints?

I’m surprised they’d put that much effort into documenting the construction of a set for a TV show.

There was a great bit in a s4 episode of Babylon 5 where a character makes an off hand remark about getting his penance taken care of before the second coming. 5 seconds later three Elvis impersonators come through customs.


How else do you think something gets built? You think they just show up and start putting it together?


Gene Roddenberry: “Don’t bother me about every little detail. Just take that pile of construction materials and make it look like the inside of a space ship. Then get some actors to say some stuff in front of the camera that sounds future-y and optimistic but also exciting and dramatic. Show some initiative for Pete’s sakes.”


Once again the Lawyers and the Bean counters ruin everything.

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Have you not seen the new movies? The bridge looks like a flying iPhone.


based on the original trek bridge and it seems operate exactly the same. I do like the flares and lighting of the movies but that doesn’t make a story. the designs are retro with great lighting and some added details but over all its referencing the period but not advancing the concept where it counts. You see that with making sulu gay, leave that character alone make a new series and make a character from the ground up with that sexuality And make interesting stories with zero explosions for a while. “The martian” movie felt more star trek then any of the new movies for instance.

Oh, god no. The very best thing about about the last movie was that it didn’t have J.J. going batshit crazy with the fake lens flares.

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Vering way off topic, but it sounds like the first Green Girl, Susan Oliver, was a very interesting and accomplished person. There’s a documentary about her which I haven’t had a chance to see yet:

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Do it, I’ll buy a ticket.

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You can hate it but its a great and iconic lighting choice. Again flares great, but maybe a few less…

Hmmm maybe I’ll try it
First go, had some time after work to ps a Klingon ship concept (I’ll try a bridge next)

No frills, each compartment its own system, after battles damaged sections are telaported away and a new section is replicated and beamed in to replace missing part. Ships can be modifyed quickly by this method. This is all done by a massive tender ship, which is a huge replicator/telaporter. For design theme think soviet or Israel forces functional no frills, like t34 or merkava.
Klingons are a biological caste society, females subconsciously pick which caste, builder, worker, warrior but since moving into space more and more warriors are being born. Older elder klingons , silverbacks are terrifying, willing to banzai style charge against superior forces while armed with knifes…

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Yes I can, and no it isn’t. It’s a cheap trick to artificially make a scene appear interesting. It actually takes you out of the movie, by reminding you that this is just something filmed with a camera. And when there’s no actual source for the flare, as was true so many times in J.J. Treks, it becomes a disconcerting distraction. I’ve yet to see a single review of the 3rd Trek film that lamented the lack of fake lens flare.


Even Abrams has come to realize that it’s a mistake:

There was one scene where you literally couldn’t see what was going on, and it was a very important, emotional scene. Alice Eve, the actress, was somewhere behind this crazy lens flare, going… and Katie looked at me and said, ‘OK, I think this is it.’

The reason you don’t see the flaring in the new Star Wars movie, is because Abrams’ own wife told him to knock it off.


That’s how my Dad finished our basement. Unfortunately this meant that the hallway was exactly three ceiling tiles wide at one end and almost four at the other. But you’d have to have a keen eye to spot that and the fact that the bathroom had no door.


I met these guys at the 50th Anniversary Star Trek event at the Javits Center this past September. They were exceedingly kind–the best of fandom–and they took the time to chat with everyone who came to their booth. They had the bridge on display, with a captain’s chair and a few other pieces, but I’m looking forward to figuring out an excuse to visit them in Ticonderoga.


It also doesn’t fit the aesthetic of Star Wars as well as it does Star Trek.

Star Trek is a shiny post-scarcity future. Star Wars has a much more lived-in aesthetic.


One of the problems with modern Trek, and this was before the JJ Abrams era, was they lost some focus on the initial vision and a appeal. They went from an optimistic futuristic sci fi, to more or less a pessimistic action films. Now Star Trek doesn’t always need to be light and peppy. DS9 had a much darker tone that worked. But when you look at the Next Gen movies you had people making action movies that, god bless them, had no business being in action movies.

I agree. It was HORRIBLE. It was like a kid who first discovered the lens flare filer in photoshop and used it on EVERYTHING (I was guilty of this, but I am not a famous movie and TV director, I was like 19 or 20).

Though I did like the overall look and feel of the new reboot, and even the story as OK, the flares were just comical in their over use.

Now, I just rewatched all of the original Trek series. I know now what sealed my fascination with the original series - the colors. See I only got to watch the show when I visited my grandma. If the aliens and phasers weren’t enough to seal the deal, the bold use of colors I am sure did. I have come to realize I really like colorful things. While some of the sets were rather simple, they made up for it by using color to create added depth and interest. It felt less flat and static.

HATED the 2nd one. I had a long, long rant I posted somewhere on face book. It had so many hair-tearing-out “this doesn’t make ANY sense” moments. 3rd one was solid, though, again, it is more of an action film than a Trek film.

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I view it as that there’s a somewhat plausible explanation of why Elvis needs so damned many boats. Escape pods are the lifeboats of a spaceship.