Star Trek Continues, episode 2



whoa, dude! super cool ! my roommate and I will be watching this tonight.

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Fantastic. They’ve got this down pat; the corset, the terrible “Scoortisch” accent, the sets and sound effects. Wonderful. Even the aspect ratio is correct :smile:

Edit: The mind meld sequence seems a bit explicit for the Original Series.

Is it just my dodgy old eyes, or is Lou Ferrigno’s spaceship Fireball XL5?

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I wonder if the budget for this is larger or smaller than the budget for the original series?


Between this and New Voyages/Phase II, I am going to have a fun stay-in weekend one of these days.


I aim to resolve your question but my board computer deems it illogical

Vic Mignogna does a good Kirk but for some reason I keep thinking he looks like Anthony Michael Hall…and I had no idea Scotty was played by Chris Doohan in this one.

Well, he looks more like Shatner than James Cawley, though Cawley’s replacement, Brian Gross, has the look.

This second episode is a bit better than the first (though I do suggest the first episode as a lead-in.)

They really get the tone right, and the acting steps up in ‘Lolani’,

I looked at that photo and wondered, “what if they got Wilem Dafoe to play Kirk?”

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Holy crap - that was very much enjoyed!

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I believe the Orion ship is based on the classic “Galactic Cruiser Leif Ericson” model kit.

Frank Henriquez’s fan page has this on the Star Trek connection:

Mike Okuda, who’s great work has been seen on several Star Trek series, has filled in some background info on the Leif Ericson design:
The Leif Ericson was designed by Matt Jefferies, designer of the original Star Trek Enterprise and many of the ships that appeared in that series. While the Leif Ericson never appeared in the original series, Mike mentioned that it did show up in a couple of places on Filmation’s storyboards for the animated Star Trek series in the early 1970s, although the ship did not appear in any of the finished episodes of the animated series.

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I was thinking Chuck Connors.


Dr McKenna has quite the figure.

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I’m surprised nobody’s commented that the admiral Kirk talks to is played by Erin Grey from the 1980s “Buck Rogers” show.


OMG! It is! Super cool!

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That Kiwi accent is fucking amazing, and by amazing I obviously mean atrocious.


Shirt off, cowboy look? Did Putin get this from Chuck?

I’d say double figures… but, imagine being stuck on a ship for five years with that smug smile.

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Is it? Blimey! Bidee bidee bidee.

Thank you.