Fifty years of Star Trek clips


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Original series, best series.

An interesting point of view, but you seem to lack the Data to support it.


I made the mistake of going to Star Trek Clips. Now I’m stuck with this ridiculous haircut. The only upside is I decided against getting The Shatner.


They could just excerpt the Shatner fight scenes. That would be pretty epic.


Not a fan of the new bridge, looks more realistic but completely loses all personality.


That video was only 15 minutes long.


Fifty years of Star Trek fashion!


Best series[poll type=multiple min=1 max=8]

  • Tos
  • Animated series
  • Phase 2
  • Next gen
  • Ds9
  • Voyager
  • Enterprise
  • Whatever the new ones going to be called
    Soon we will have the data.


Whatever the new ones going to be called

Discovery if the teaser can be trusted.

The “Discovery” is obviously Ralph McQuarrie’s bizzaro Klingon-influenced Phase II Enterprise.

I reserve judgement on the series, but the ship is butt ugly.

Oh, and I’ll only vote in your poll if you let me pick at least three choices: TOS, TNG and DS9. Sorry, but can’t play faves on those.


Is it Klingon-influenced or Imperial Star Destroyer-influenced? Here’s hoping they go right back to the drawing board with it.


From your mouth to the CBS art department’s ears! Amen.

In all seriousness, I’m hoping they floated the teaser to see how the ship design would go down. It’s getting the cold shoulder right across the internet, so here’s hoping they listen.



This totally unscientific poll so far agrees with me!


By look of things you can pick upto 8 options.


Ok so top 3 spots in the poll are currently in order of baldness of captain.


How are you making the determination between Sisko and Picard of who is more bald?

If memory serves me, they’re both pretty bald.


Sisko had no hair (except on his face) and Picard had some hair.

(gif posted for head view)

Also, Sisko only became a captain about halfway through DS9, while Picard started out as a captain…


Sisko only shaved his head completely part way through the series. Inutially he still had hair. Picard was pretty constant all the way through.


Yet both appear to be aging about about 1/4 the speed of the rest of us.

Hrmm…runs fingers through mane


Sisko also invented the breaking bad look.