Celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary by revisiting Deep Space Nine

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The remastered fan favorites are on Amazon. Ten episodes remastered with enhanced special effects. Good times.


It absolutely was the best of all the series as a whole, especially in the 3rd season as it settled in.


YES! I’ve been rewatching all of Trek with my family these part few years and we’re part way into the last season of DS9… far and away the best of the series, IMHO.

Also, io9/gizmodo has been running a series of articles on ST all week long…


I didn’t care for the “Doctor Bashir was secretly a genetically-modified superhuman” reveal in the later seasons. If he’d been carrying a secret that big then surely it would have turned up in that earlier episode where he was forced to delve deep into his own psyche after being attacked by a telepathic alien. And he certainly wouldn’t have spent years harboring insecurity and jealousy regarding the accomplishments of an old Medical school rival.


DS9 the series was very good, but the ending was shit.

I’m sorry let me express my displeasure with the ending:


I stopped watching shortly before Dax died/got recast. So I guess that was a good call?

Also, it may have been a silly gimmick but I really did enjoy the episode where they went all Forrest Gump on “The Trouble with Tribbles.”


Deep Space Nien. It was crap.

I think they had too much stuff going on in the last season. It should have been eight seasons with the same basic plot. They didn’t have the space they needed to give the audience room to breath. Of course, I also want a season with Kira as a Star Fleet captain. :laughing:

Given the constraints they had, though, I’m not unhappy with the result. On the whole. There’s still that ONE part I’m irritated by.

(Caveat: While DS9 is my favorite Star Trek series, I’ve seen the last season fewer times than any Trek except Into Cummerbund and TAS.)


IIRC, that part was then retconned to be part of his mask hiding his superiority. He flubbed that answer on purpose AND kept harboring the insecurity to keep the secret hidden.

Having just rewatched both, I can say confidently: TNG rules and DS9 sucks! And not just because of the awesome TNG blu-ray remasters, altought DS9 now looks like shit in comparison. TNG is also also a far better SciFi series. Enjoy your endless Bajoran hokum and PG-13 genocide descriptions!


Yeah, I still don’t buy it. That would be like Dash Parr spending the rest of his adolescence consumed with jealousy for the kid who beat him in the track meet at the end of the movie.


Mr. Siddig went on the record saying that he not at all pleased at the changes to the character.
(The original interview seems to be slightly munged in archive.org.)

DS9 is the series that introduced a holographic lounge singer as a regular character and had that episode with the runabout that goes through a shrinking process. But then, that’s still a step up from Voyager’s hyperevolved lizards (an expression that could apply to two episodes, come to think of it) and quaint Irish village.


I can see why. A good writing team plans character arcs long in advance and lets the actors in on their character’s motivations and backstory as early as possible. That’s why Alan Rickman was one of the only people apart from J.K. Rowling to get the real scoop on Severus Snape years before the later Harry Potter books were published. When you rewatch Snape’s earlier scenes with that knowledge in mind his actions make more sense, not less.


I found a working copy:





TNG also had a quaint Irish village episode, did they not? They were colonists who the Enterprise had to move… pretty much walking Irish Peasantry stereotypes, as I remember.


It seems to be irretrievably stuck at page 6, hence “slightly munged”. Or am I missing something…?

[quote=“Mindysan33, post:18, topic:84933”]TNG also had a quaint Irish village episode, did they not? They were colonists who the Enterprise had to move… pretty much walking Irish Peasantry stereotypes, as I remember.[/quote]Well, yes, but they were just stuck in a cargo bay, and were pretty much only there for half an episode. Voyager dwelled upon it for a little longer than necessary.

I assume a lot of those plots are inspired by the “production budgets are tight right now—let’s see what props, sets and costumes we can find in the studio warehouse” school of storytelling.