Watch the first 5 episodes of the fan-made sequel to the original Star Trek series

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My capsule review: I’m loving this. The sets and the music are perfect. Kirk is perfect, Sulu is perfect! Scottie’s accent is as fake as the original’s but I’d wish for a better (or any) southern accent for McCoy. Also, the actor playing Apollo is acting the pants off nearly everyone else.


I also really enjoyed New Voyages.

While I agree very good work is being done at Star Trek Continues (and it’s great fun seeing Chris Doohan playing his dad’s role as Scotty and former Mythbuster Grant Imahara chewing the scenery as Mr. Sulu), and I’ll certainly keep watching it, I have to say my heart is still with Star Trek New Voyages (, which was recently profiled on CNN.COM, as the better of the two “the original series continues” shows out there.

Overall I think the best of the “TOS” shows is Starship Farragut ( as being most in the “spirit” of the original show, although that’s about a sister ship and her crew, not Kirk and Spock and the crew of the original USS Enterprise NCC-1701.

And lastly don’t forget Starship Exeter (which only had a single episode, and is available in chapters on YouTube) which was the original that all these others spawned from, in terms of showing that a cast of talented amateurs and craftspeople, along with modern computers and software, could create a convincing reproduction of the original television show. It’s worth your time to watch and see how amazing a job these folks did so many years back and still manage to accurately reproduce the look and spirit of the original show.

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Nelsie - the actor playing Apollo is an actual actor, unlike (most) of the rest. :slightly_smiling:

In fact he’s the same guy who played the role on the TOS episode “Who Mourns for Adonais?” way back in 1967.

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I went to look him up, and blow me, so he is! Excellent actor! Acting is one of those few things that improves with age, I think.

I tried watching the first few episodes of New Voyages way back when they came out, and didn’t much care for them, despite the evident effort involved. Does it get much better?

I was thoroughly impressed by In The Pirkinning, if only because of the quality of the effects. And I’d still like to see Of Gods and Men sometime.

It kills me that the first nameless character to die in that episode is played by Jamie Bamber, too.

Too bad Richard Hatch was already working on Axanar…

As for the coment about actual actors, keep in mind that a lot of the rest of the cast, including Vic Vignogna, are actually working actors. Voice actors, that is. Vic did voiceover work on Full Metal Alchemist, Todd Haberkorn (Spock) is on Legend of Korra, Michele Specht (McKennah) has done a lot of voice work and TV including some official Star Trek stuff (ST:Online), you’ve heard Chuck Huber (McCoy) on Dragon Ball Z, and so on.

I like Star Trek New Voyages but feel like it’s uneven at best. It’s cool, though, that some of their props made it into Enterprise.

I’m pretty sure the Star Trek people built their own set, but iirc some of the props like phasers and tricorders came from New Voyages.


This is quite impressive. My wife will love it :slightly_smiling:

Will be donating. Keep up the good work.

Lou Ferrigno is in one of these IIRC and looks like he just stepped out of a time machine, barely changed from his Hulk heyday… he’s even still green!

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Why is the actor playing Scotty speaking in some sort of Chinese accent?

Of Gods and Men is available on YouTube, and it’s a decent “alternate universe” adventure, if not fantastic.

I had supported that one via Kickstarter, and also their new effort, Star Trek Renegades as well - at least initially.

The first episode of Renegades was OK, and it was a kick seeing Walter Koenig as the (150 year old!) Admiral Checkov of Star Fleet Security, and Tim Russ back as Tuvok (Russ is also the producer and director) along with Robert Picardo in his role as the “holographic doctor”, but otherwise I’m sorry to say it felt like an amateur production, the props and sets looked fake, and the script was barely intelligible.

It’s a shame, Tim Russ does some good work, but this definitely wasn’t his best effort.

They’re looking for more money for more episodes, but I’ve decided not to support it any further personally.

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Thank you for the kind support, Mr. Frauenfelder! I’m a Co-Producer on STC and, since every fan donation goes into production of these episodes and our ad budget is $0, coverage such as this goes a long way toward getting the word out about our labor-of-love series. MUCH appreciated!

We plan to produce 13 full episodes and our next crowdfunder (“To Boldly IndieGoGo”) will launch March 5th. Sign up here for info:

Watch our 5 eps, vignettes and DEFINITELY the bloopers here:

Also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I’m off to share your article on our social media - thanks again for helping to spread the word!


Hard to say. Better is kinda subjective. I enjoyed the campy low budget feel which reminded me of the original series. The stories do get a bit more interesting and the casting changes bring some welcome fresh takes on old roles.

Vic… has a bit of a reputation. Kinda surprised that BoingBoing is giving him this kind of free press for one of his projects

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