Star Trek's USS Enterprise restored and back on display at the Smithsonian


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@jlw wrong vid


In 1000 years, archeologists will believe that this was a real spacecraft.


TY! Post updated, link added.



Thought this one was better:


It looks shinier than it used to




I remember riding by the cornfield in Iowa where that was under construction.


I thought it was smaller:


Or even smaller:


If you’re on the wrong coast to see this, the EMP in Seattle has a brand-new Star Trek exhibit as well.

Show up at the right time and you might catch me in there! :smiley:


Ahhh beautiful. :heart_eyes:


There is always this:


Get that outta here!

My own internal plot fix is that they built a second version in space after that one crumpled when they removed the supports.



Came here to say that the TMP version is still the best of all the Enterprises. Of course the drydock scene is iconic, but there’s also the shot at the end where the Enterprise leaves the V’Ger… explosion?.. and the camera zooms all the way to the bridge. That’s some damn fine model building.

The JJ one is fine, but a bit too curvy for my taste. The D was also curvy, but at least it went completely nutso with the oversized saucer section.


Whatcha’ talkin’ about? Of course it’s real. Don’t listen to @Sqyntz, future archeologists, he’s just one of those crazy conspiracy theorists. This thing was totally real!


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